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     People in the building of enterprise culture in a dual capacity as both a corporate culture of the main building, is the object of the enterprise culture. Adhere to people-centered, we must request from the two-pronged, who established the center, who played an important role.
    Corporate culture is one of the main building. The building of enterprise culture to rely on people not only have to rely on the leadership of enterprises, but also rely on the broad masses of workers. We have to see business leaders in the building of enterprise culture to the important role that trade unions should also note that corporate culture is also the creator. As the soul of the corporate culture of entrepreneurship, business ethics, corporate style, and so is the working masses in the long-term practice, business leaders and relevant departments to carry out only a summary of processing, refining and promoting the dissemination of sublimation. From the masses of workers to create a common corporate history, leaving a fiery trade union practice of production and operation, will not be able to form a corporate culture.
    Workers is the corporate culture builders, developers. Enterprise culture, ultimately to the implementation of the workers thinking and actions, and in the process, left the working masses to participate in the initiative can not be achieved. There are ideas, there are feelings of compel, the indoctrination is the only effective way, business leaders and for them to become a cultural construction workers conscious, not only physically but also to actively participate in, contribute ideas so that they can focus on the whole The staff strength and wisdom to build the corporate culture.
    Who is the object of the enterprise culture. This means that the building of corporate culture to people who shape. First of all, the building of corporate culture in order to the long-term survival and development, the business development and to meet people's growing material and cultural needs of people and businesses to achieve common development and progress, therefore, the enterprise culture The ultimate goal is to people. Internally, for workers; external, for consumers, for the people. Contemporary Japanese scholars believe that the village of Tian Zhao rule: " 'customer first', 'well-being of workers' and' for social services' values of the three will be the hallmark of business" and "the supremacy of the kind of market share and sales point of view will be the first station Untenable, and how much contribution to society will become a standard evaluate the business. "So, first of all, the building of corporate culture to achieve their development objectives, to reflect the enterprise value. Second, the enterprise culture, we must focus on shaping the people, culture, improve the people. Corporate culture is a kind of atmosphere, its spirit of the layer and layer of material all the time is not infected, and guide the workers; corporate culture is bound by an invisible, the system provides for the specific level of workers rights and obligations. So far we have an urgent task is to strengthen the building of corporate culture, cultivate a strong technology, the quality of a hard-working staff.
    "People First" are our core values, we also do everything starting point and end point. Enterprise culture have to adhere to people-oriented, all the workers to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all workers rely on creating and building long-term security of our culture, at the same time so that all workers in the building of an overall quality culture far in the process of continuous improvement and enhancement.
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